XCEL Bluetooth Advanced Digital Ear Muffs
XCEL Bluetooth Advanced Digital Ear Muffs

XCEL Bluetooth Advanced Digital Ear Muffs

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These enhanced ear muffs with Bluetooth connectivity provide protection from loud noises such as gun shots, construction equipment, daily job site noise and industrial equipment while allowing the user to maintain productivity with a variety of Bluetooth enhanced capabilities.

The Bluetooth connectivity on the XCEL Bluetooth muff allows for additional functions, such as music playback and the ability to answer or reject incoming phone calls, while still offering the same sound compression to deaden or completely mute incoming ambient sound and multiple audio filters that provide enhanced hearing for various situations. 

Functions and Features

❖ Power
➢ Press and hold power button for 2 seconds to power XCEL Muff on and off
❖ Four Frequency Modes:
➢ Universal Mode:
➢ Clear Voice Mode
➢ High Frequency Boost Mode
➢ Power Boost Mode
❖ Headband Mounted digital controls
❖ Variable Dynamic Sound Suppression
❖ Dynamic Wind Noise Reduction
❖ Voice Mode Navigation
❖ Auto Shut-off
❖ Operates on 2 ‘AAA’ batteries
➢ 50 Active Hearing. 20 Hours Streaming


Bluetooth Connectivity

❖ Power
➢ Press and hold Bluetooth multifunction button for 3 seconds to power Bluetooth functionality on and off
❖ Volume control
➢ Utilizes BT Vol + and BT Vol - buttons
❖ Call answering, rejecting and switching
➢ To answer or end call: Short press BT button
➢ To reject call: press and hold BT button
➢ To switch calls: Double press BT button
❖ Music Playback
➢ To Play Music: Short press BT button
➢ To Pause Music: Short press the BT button during playback
➢ For Next Track: double press BT button during playback


Compliances and Regulatory

❖ Operating Temp: -10C to 60C
❖Noise Reduction Rating: 26