Watson McDaniel Thermodynamic Steam Trap, TD 600

Watson McDaniel Thermodynamic Steam Trap, TD 600

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TD600 model steam traps are most commonly used in drip applications, such as draining condensate from steam mains and steam supply lines. They can also be used for steam tracing applications. These traps are suitable for outdoor applications that are subject to freezing as well as superheated steam conditions. They are compact and rugged with only a single moving part. If a trap with an integral strainer is desired, the TD600S is recommended. If a fully in-line repairable design is required, the TD700S or the UTD450 with Universal QuickChange connector is recommended.

TD600 Spec Sheet


Model TD600-12, TD600-13
Sizes 1/2", 3/4"
Connections NPT
Body Material Stainless Steel 420F


Insulation Cap


PMO Max Operating Pressure
600 PSIG
TMO Max Operating Temperature 800ºF
PMA Max Allowable Preassure 600 PSIG up to 800ºF
TMA Max Allowable Temperature 800ºF @ 600 PSIG