Techniks MagVISE ECB, ECB-120

Techniks MagVISE ECB, ECB-120

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Use induction blocks at all times to prevent damage to the face of the magnetic vise. You can easily modify induction blocks to adapt your setup to part requirements. Please note that the spring loaded induction blocks are NOT machinable, but the solid blocks are able to be drilled and machined as required. 

After installing your ECB vise we recommend cleanup milling the surface of your induction blocks before loading your work piece to insure that the surface height is uniform and parallel to the spindle.

ECB Magnetic vises easily integrate with pallet changing and tombstone systems used in production cells.


Part # ECB-120
L x W x H 7.3" x 4.2" x 4.2"
A .62"
B .59"
Min Stock Thickness 0.6"
Holding Power 2,640 lbs.
Weight 40 lbs.