Silencer R 600 Earbuds

Silencer R 600 Earbuds

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These earbuds provide acoustic protection to the wearer from loud noises through a combination of passive auditory protection and active noise suppression. Suppression is performed on generally loud noises, such as construction sites, industrial zones and other noisy environments. The output audio is muted when extremely loud noises, such as gunshots, are picked up by the ambient microphones. Depending on the frequency filter mode used, the earbuds can also amplify quieter sounds, enhancing the user’s hearing ability. The earbuds are designed to be used primarily together as a pair. If one of the two earbuds are powered off, the other can function independently as a standalone Silencer, providing auditory protection and low volume amplification for a user’s single ear.

Functions and Features
❖ Power
➢ Press and hold power button for 2 seconds to power on and off ear bud

❖ Advanced Digital Circuit
❖ Rechargeable
❖ Dynamic Wind Noise Reduction
❖ Sound Suppression
❖ Auto Shut Off
❖ USB Charging dock with integrated Lithium battery
❖ USB cable included
❖ Includes 3 sizes of Sure-Lock™ sizing fins and 3 sizes of foam tips
❖ Battery Life: 14hs

Charging Case
❖ Connects to buds via 2 pogo pins
❖ Micro USB for charging case battery
❖ Battery: 800mAh/3.7V
➢ Battery life - holds and charges both buds (approximately 3 full charges)
➢ Charging Time – 2.5hrs
❖ Charging case will recharge earbuds from 0 to 100% 2 times on a single charge
❖ 1 LED Status Indicator
➢ Charging – in progress: Solid red LED
➢ Charging – complete: Solid blue LED
➢ Low battery - Flash red every 5 seconds for 1 second
Compliances & Regulatory
❖ Operating Temp: -0C to 50C
❖ Noise Reduction Rating: 23