Rubbermaid 1998897 Vented Slim Jim 3 Stream Bundle Kit

Rubbermaid 1998897 Vented Slim Jim 3 Stream Bundle Kit

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The all new 3 stream Slim Jim bundle kit from Rubbermaid comes with three Slim Jim Containers and three matching tops. Also comes with label kit that includes: Landfill, Paper, Glass, Plastic, Cans, Mixed Recycling and Organic Waste.
Cost-effective recycling solution for heavy traffic areas with a small footprint. 


  • Serves as collection site for multiple work stations or large office areas with limited space.
  • Slim design ensures it will fit into most spaces.

  • Able to withstand extreme weather and handling in almost any location.

  • Can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor refuse and recycling collection.

  • Comes with three units Black, Green and Blue with matching lids.

  • Lids are included.

  • Venting channels make removing trash bags 80% easier than the standard models.

3 Slim Jim Models with a 23 gallon capacity each and three lids two for trash/recycling and one for single stream recycling. one Blue, Black and Green Container.