REED 02306 R450+ Tripod Chain Vise

REED 02306 R450+ Tripod Chain Vise

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  • Patented, reversible double-sided bow-tie jaws.
  • Chain vise style adjusts to odd-shaped work pieces.
  • Straight cranking handle.
  • Handle grip is positioned so handler can pick up and carry the folded tripod.
  • Sides on folding tray keep tools and parts safe from falling or rolling off.


Product Detail
Catalog No: R450+
Item Code: 02306
Vise Style Chain
Pipe Capacity
in-nom. 1/8 - 6
Actual O.D. mm 10 - 178
Folded Length
in 44
mm 1118
lbs 36.3
kg 16.5