Nexel Starter Unit Shelving

Nexel Starter Unit Shelving

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The Nexel Chrome is electroplated nickel chrome resulting in a brilliant high gloss finish. It is a quality finish that is both hard and durable with a high tech look at an economical price. This industry standard has proven to be a favorite and perfect for display and dry storage.

Limited 1 year warranty against rust and corrosion.

Starter unit consists of four shelves and four posts.

Available in other finishes, please call to request these other options

W" x L" 63"H 74"H 86"H
18 x 24 18246C 18247C 18248C
18 x 30 18306C 18307C 18308C
18 x 36 18366C 18367C 18368C
18 x 42 18426C 18427C 18428C
18 x 48 18486C 18487C 18488C
18 x 54 18546C 18547C 18548C
18 x 60 18606C 18607C 18608C
18 x 72 18726C 18727C 18728C
24 x 24 24246C 24247C 24248C
24 x 30 24306C 24307C 24308C
24 x 36 24366C 24367C 24368C
24 x 42 24426C 24427C 24428C
24 x 48 24486C 24487C 24488C
24 x 54 24546C 24547C 24548C
24 x 60 24606C 24607C 24608C
24 x 72 24726C 24727C 24728C