HyFlex®11-542 Lightest Weight High Cut Solution (Dozen)

HyFlex®11-542 Lightest Weight High Cut Solution (Dozen)

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Ansell HyFlex 11-542 provides extreme comfort & protection in high cut risk applications for increased compliance, and an uninterrupted workday.

Key Features 

  • INTERCEPT Technology™ for high level of cut protection EN ISO level C cut protection
  • High durability PU coating, increased levels of abrasion resistance with high durability PU coating
  • Dirt masking design allows for extended product use, excellent comfort and dexterity
  • In compliance with the standards EN420 (General requirements) and EN388 (Mechanical hazards) by Centexbel

      Product Details

      Thickness 10 gauge
      Coating Polyurethane
      ANSI Cut level A4
      ANSI Abrasion level 6
      Sizes 6-11
      Packed 12 dozen per case