Goodyear HY-T Wedge Torque Team Belt

Goodyear HY-T Wedge Torque Team Belt

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Model Dimensions (W x L)
20040870 5/8" x 106"
20220957 5/8" x 150"


Tame your problem drives

Built with multiple belts joined by a tough, rubber-impregnated fabric backing that regulates belt travel so all ribs pull together as a single, perfectly matched team.

Pulsation, vibration, shock loads and misalignment are problems for any team of V-belts, no matter how perfectly matched the individual units. These conditions often lead to chronic belt whip or to belt turnover, resulting in premature wear or sudden failure of one or more belts. Of course, when one belt goes, the whole team has to be replaced.

Each rib in a HY-T® Wedge Torque Team® belt is free to wedge into the sheave groove for maximum traction, maximum power and transmission efficiency.

Operating in standard sheave grooves without sheave or drive modification, they can tame any problem drives now in operation. Or they can fit right in with your new drive designs without special modifications.

Designed and built to deliver superior performance

V-belt performance begins with the tension members, so we built HY-T® Wedge Torque Team® V-belts with super strong Vytacord.® It provides the high-strength, high-horsepower rating capacity needed to effectively transmit drive power. And it is tough enough to tolerate the misalignment that quickly destroys belts. The Vytacord® material is a polyester construction with excellent strength and minimal elongation. Drive performance is consistent, reliable and predictable over the life of the belt. 

We then add a tough oil- and abrasion-resistant fabric backing to provide maximum longitudinal flexibility and lateral strength to withstand the dynamic forces acting within a joined belt. The backing also has special adhesion characteristics that enable it to bond to the V-sections to maintain the integrity of the belt. The cushion is made of fiber-reinforced, engineered compounds providing oil, heat, ozone and abrasion resistance.

Wedge or envelope constructions provide optimum performance

HY-T® Wedge Torque Team® belts are available in a raw edge construction with cogs for increased flexibility and heat dissipation or envelope construction for drives where pulsation, shock loads, high tension and long center are involved.

HY-T® Wedge Torque Team® cogged belts have high-horsepower belt construction and are identified with a 3VX or 5VX prefix and are available in lengths up to 140 inches. The cogged construction provides the high flexibility required for short center distances. The cogs also provide a larger surface area to dissipate heat and prolong belt life. Improved material properties and advanced construction technology result in an average horsepower increase of 30% over standard joined “ Classical” V-belts.

HY-T® Wedge Torque Team® envelope belts are identified with a 3V, 5V or 8V prefix and are recommended for drives where pulsation, shock loads, high tension and long centers are involved. They feature a continuous V-section that is protected by a wide angle, synthetic fabric-impregnated, high-quality rubber compound. The unique envelope achieves the high strength that the HY-T® Wedge Torque Team® belts need to withstand high loading forces. It also helps provide the torsional rigidity in long center drives delivering the traction needed for accurate tracking and precision performance.