DIXON Wilkerson FRL's L26 EconOmist Standard Lubricatior, 1/2"

DIXON Wilkerson FRL's L26 EconOmist Standard Lubricatior, 1/2"

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  • The rate of oil delivery may be controlled by turning the adjusting screw counter clockwise for more and clockwise for less oil delivery. If flow increases or decreases, the oil delivery rate will increase or decrease proportionally.
  • Can be filled under pressure
  • For all Wilkerson lubricators, use any petroleum-base, non-detergent light weight oil (SAE 10/150 SSU) which will readily break up into a mist, i.e., Mobil DTE light or comparable oil. Do not use any synthetic oil or oils containing additives or solvents.


  • Transparent Bowl
  • 10 oz. bowl
  • Adjustable oil feed
  • Quick-disconnect metal bowl guard with integral safety latch
  • Siphon tube filter provides clean lubricant downstream

Safety Notes

  • FRL's are designed for air service only, unless otherwise indicated.
  • SCFM ratings at 150 PSIG inlet pressure


                  Part Number L26-04A
                  Description Transparent Bowl
                  Port 1/2"
                  Maximum Operating Pressure 150 PSIG (10.3 Bar)
                  Temperature Range 32°F to 125°F (0°C to 52°C)
                  Flow 128 SCFM