DIXON Legris Nylon Push-In Union Tee, 1/4"

DIXON Legris Nylon Push-In Union Tee, 1/4"

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  • Compatible tubing: semi-rigid nylon, polyurethane and polyethylene tube
  • Vacuum capability: vacuum of 28" Hg (99% vacuum)


  • Positive seal: sealing and holding is accomplished instantaneously
  • Reusable: connect and disconnect numerous times
  • Full flow: fitting seals on outside diameter of tubing


  • Black body is glass-filled nylon
  • Buna-N D seal
  • Polypropylene release button
  • Silicone free


  • Quick connect and disconnect, no tools required.
  • To connect, simply push tubing in.
  • To disconnect, press the release ring towards the fitting and pull tubing out.

Safety Notes

  • Maximum circuit pressure depends equally on the type and diameter of the tube used.
  • Pressure rating given at ambient temperature 70°F/21°C.


      Part Number 31045600
      Material Nylon
      Seal Buna-N D seal
      Tube OD 1/4"
      Working Pressure 290 PSI at ambient temperature
      Temperature Range -4°F to 175°F (-20°C to 79°C)