DIXON Clockwise Spiral Clamp, 4"- 10"

DIXON Clockwise Spiral Clamp, 4"- 10"

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  • For use on convoluted cover hose
  • Note. Pacific Echo and Kana Flex hoses use clockwise clamps. Goodyear hose uses both counter clockwise and clockwise clamps.


Clockwise wound, right hand spiral


  • To determine which style clamp is needed for your hose look at the end of the hose, if the helix spirals in a clockwise direction away from you (along the hose), a clockwise clamp is needed.
  • More than one clamp may be needed per size, contact hose manufacturer for more information.

Safety Notes

Due to fluctuations in the OD of hose each individual installation should be checked


Part Number Material Size Hose OD From Hose OD To
SC400 Plated Steel 4" 4" 4-32/64"
SC600 Plated Steel 6" 6-16/64" 7"
SC800 Plated Steel 8" 8-32/64" 9-16/64
SC1000 Plated Steel 10" 10-40/64" 11-16/64"