DIXON Clockwise Spiral Clamp, 4"- 10"

DIXON Clockwise Spiral Clamp, 4"- 10"

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  • For use on convoluted cover hose
  • Note. Pacific Echo and Kana Flex hoses use clockwise clamps. Goodyear hose uses both counter clockwise and clockwise clamps.


  • Clockwise wound, right hand spiral


  • To determine which style clamp is needed for your hose look at the end of the hose, if the helix spirals in a clockwise direction away from you (along the hose), a clockwise clamp is needed.
  • More than one clamp may be needed per size, contact hose manufacturer for more information.

Safety Notes

  • Due to fluctuations in the OD of hose each individual installation should be checked


Part Number Material Size Hose OD From Hose OD To
SC400 Plated Steel 4" 4" 4-32/64"
SC600 Plated Steel 6" 6-16/64" 7"
SC800 Plated Steel 8" 8-32/64" 9-16/64
SC1000 Plated Steel 10" 10-40/64" 11-16/64"