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Missed an online event? The sessions were recorded and are shared here for those who were unable to attend.

Disinfecting the Workplace for COVID-19 – A Novel Challenge

April 19, 2020
In this session we will discuss what we know about the COVID-19 virus, including the routes of transmission, and how to clean and disinfect your facilities. In addition, we will discuss the protective steps needed for those involved in the cleaning and disinfecting process. Finally, addressing other environmental concerns prior to reopening a building. After the formal presentation there will be time for Q&A.
Presented by: Kenneth Bickerton, CIH, CSP
VP and Sr. Consultant with PHASE Associates, LLC


Visual Solutions for COVID-19 Awareness

May 5, 2020
Brady will review their selection of COVID-19 Signage and Floor Tape used for communicating awareness of hygiene best practices and Social Distancing during this health crisis. In addition, a web demo of a Brady printer will be performed to illustrate the ease of creating your own COVID-19 signs and labels, along with various other types of signage.
Presented by: 
Dave Lippincott
Sr. Territory Manager with Brady Corp
Daniel Johnson
Regional Sales Specialist with Brady Corp


Reducing The Cost of PPE Supplies With Vending

May 12, 2020
Now that every organization must manage scarce PPE for their employees, they face a host of challenges: Who will maintain this inventory of PPE? How will I tract the usage? How will I ensure it is not pilfered or taken home by employees? If you make PPE easily accessible, it may walk out the door. If you keep it under lock and key, then they may not have access when they need it, reducing productivity. In this session we will introduce the practical implementation of vending PPE supplies to allow: Tracking Usage by Employee Allocation of Products Based on Need (Controlled Usage) Reduction of Process & Procedural Cost (Reduction in Labor) Reduction of Actual Usage (Reduction of Material Costs) Improved Access (Increased Productivity & Safety) Overall Significant Cost Savings
Presented by: Mahommand Tariq
Vendor Managed Inventory Program Manager with A&M Industrial


Workspaces in the Post-COVID World Rethinking Work & Home Office Environments

May 19, 2020
Topics Include: • Redesigning Offices for Social Distancing • Implementing Cleanable Surfaces • Solutions for the New Workplace • Healthy Ergonomic Principals and Practices • Home Office Ergonomic Solutions
Presented by: 
Chris Rodriguez
Product Manager, Material Handling & Storage Solutions with A&M Industrial
Mike Hamilton
Ergonomics and Safety Specialist with A&M Industrial


Putting on and Taking off a Mask

May 19, 2020