From the company’s beginning, REED associates have invented tools that continually become industry standards, including the Quick Release™ Tubing Cutter, various tools for plastic pipe, vises, plus Hinged Cutters™ and Rotary™ cutters for large diameter pipe. In addition to new tools, each year REED makes end-user driven improvements and refinements to existing tools. The “Best Ever” designation is given to a tool whose quality, benefits, or performance has been significantly improved over all previous versions. These continuous improvements are advantages to buying REED. “Why Reed” statements throughout our literature and website explain why that tool is superior to any other on the market. The information can be used with confidence to compare REED products with competitive methods. 2020 brings more additions and improvements to the breadth and depth of REED’s tool line. Recent additions include the Pump Stick™ Cordless Water Transfer Pump, Cordless Power Pipe Beveler, True Peel® PE Pipe Preparation Tools, and performance improvements to several tools. Nearly every REED tool is the best of its kind in the world, outlined in “Why Reed” statements.


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