Petro Marine: Oil Gauging & Sampling

Petro Marine is your premier source for quality petrochemical gauging and sampling products as well as a full line of PPE supplies, gas detection monitors and SCBA equipment. We serve petrochemical inspection companies, refineries, tank farms, and pipeline companies.

Solidly rooted in the industry, the exclusive and cutting-edge Petro Marine product line is designed to increase ease of use and efficiency for multiple applications. Design specifications eliminate worker accidents and mistakes.

In-House Repair and Calibration Laboratory for Electronic Thermometers

Petro Marine is the official northeast distributor of ThermoProbe® electronic thermometers. All electronic thermometers are calibrated to adhere to the API’s Chapter 7 guidelines for petroleum measurement. Each thermometer is returned with a NIST traceable certificate of calibration. Our on-site Lab operates with a structured turn-around process for both standard and emergency repairs.

We are the leading supplier to sell and service:

  • ThermoProbe® electronic thermometers
  • Lufkin and US Tape gauging tapes, NIST verification available
  • Proprietary line of inage (sounding) and outage (ullage) plumb bobs
  • ASTM Thermometers and Hydrometers, NIST verifications available
  • Koehler, MMC, conventional and Petro View Samplers
  • All available product finding pastes
  • Portable Gas Detection by MSA and BW Technologies
  • Full line of Personal Protection Equipment


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