Drum-Mates DM-LBT Series Lab Tumbler
Drum-Mates DM-LBT Series Lab Tumbler

Drum-Mates DM-LBT Series Lab Tumbler

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These easy-load laboratory tumblers use special hexagon barrels (or your own container) and offer repeatable, quick batching cycles with much easier clean-up. With shorter batch cycles, you can get more work or tests done and increased production output.
Enclosed rotation tumbling keeps the material inside the container, eliminates spillage, stops splashing of contents on operators while reducing the possibility of cross-contamination or risk of environment contamination.
New uses for tumblers and rotators are being discovered all the time and could be the solution to a need or problem in your lab or production facility. Save time, labor, cost and aggravation.

Operation & Features
Tumblers are made for wet or dry industrial duty tumbling, on a high quality, reinforced fiberglass Easy-clean, polished gloss tumbler base. Barrels lids are fitted with silicone o-rings to ensure a tight seal. No-maintenance sealed bearings on both 1/3 Hp motor and urethane covered solid steel precision ground roller bars. Great for blending, deburring, polishing, cleaning or mixing small parts, compounds, etc. Multiple barrel sizes permit mixing of different batch volumes simultaneously. Glass, stone, ceramic or steel can be deburred, polished or burnished at a very low cost. Special bar spacing on tumblers can be requested to accommodate your own specific container size. Spare parts are readily available. Ask us if you need something special.

  • All Models are provided with 1/3 Hp tumbler drive, 120 volt, 60 Hertz or 220 volt, 1PH/50Hz
  • 2 Speed Hi/Lo, For Barrel Rpm Settings, See Chart below. 
  • Tumblers will rotate simultaneously, different volume and quantity of batch barrels. 

DM-100LBT Tumbler Specifications

Batch Size: Small Batch
Speeds:2 speed
Base size: 23” x 16” x 13” Ht.
2-Bar Spec: 4.5” gap x 9.25”L x 1.0” OD

TBL-1 Lab Tumbler Barrel Specification

Materials of Construction: HDPE with stainless steel lid and silicone seal
Total Capacity: 22 fl. oz.
Net Weight:  1.5 lb
Diameter: 4.75"
Height: 4.75"
Barrel Lid Opening: 3"
Inquire about sizes up to 8 gallons