Is Managing Stockroom Levels the Best Use of Your Time?

AiM: Automated Inventory Management can save you time and money. We can manage your stockroom and for a small fee setup your stockroom with barcoded locations and identified min and max levels. Select from one of our five levels a service and for no additional charge our technicians will replace your staff functions, including:

    • Perform regular recounts (weekly, monthly, etc.)
    • Place purchase orders for replenishment
    • Receive material when it arrives
    • Pay for inbound freight
    • Restock the appropriate bins

    Are You Concerned That Your “Free Stock” is Too Free and Disappearing Too Quickly?

    When there is no accountability for free stock it moves too quickly. Under our AiM program, we can work with you to match you up with the proper vending solution to meet your needs. Our customers have realized significant savings from properly developed vending programs. Once installed, we maintain the agreed upon stock levels and provide regular usage data by user and item.

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