What Are Thermal Imaging Cameras?

FLIR E95 Camera In Use


Thermal imaging cameras are devices that translate heat into visible light to analyze a particular object or scene. The image produced is known as a thermogram and is analyzed through a process called thermography. Thermal imaging cameras take measuring temperature to the next level; instead of getting a number for the temperature you get a picture showing the temperature differences of a surface.

Thermal Imaging Shows Temperatures of Each Circuit Breaker In PanelThermal imaging cameras can quickly monitor and troubleshoot mechanical equipment and electrical connections with accuracy and efficiency. Scan pumps, process valves, storage tanks, and motors, to ensure your equipment is immaculate, well-functioning, and profitable. They ensure proper installation of electrical wiring and equipment to prevent injury, costly power outages, and irreversible damage.  At right is a thermal image of a circuit breaker panel.  The yellow area shows that one circuit breaker is very hot and may have too much current being drawn.

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