Store More with Less! Our Material Storage Experts Make It Happen

6 in 1 storage container



Our storage experts configure and install safe, ergonomic storage systems to meet OSHA standards, improve loss prevention and increase operational efficiency. They develop custom CAD drawings to identify flow plan and elevations that meet your unique specifications.

Site Surveys of parts rooms, tool cribs, stockrooms and warehouse facilities often allow our experts to propose ways to store the same or more, in less space. Our mission is to maximize your space, dramatically improve storeroom efficiency, and provide a safe working environment. We look to provide the best possible work-space utilization solutions for our clients. Furthermore, when we work in conjunction with our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) team, we can help setup your parts stock in an efficient manner so that we can maintain the items and replenishment levels that let you spend time doing your work, not managing inventory.

Using more efficient high-density shelving can help you free up space for other applications or make room for more storage. The CAD drawing below shows what high density can do. In the example, the customer was able to convert from 285 square feet or storage to only 94 square feet, freeing up 191 square feet!

 High-density shelving CAD drawing

A sample of what a high-density storage cabinet can look like is below.

high-density storage cabinet

Styles and configurations vary, so contact us to help specify the correct solution for you by contacting Chris Rodriguez at (732) 770-9235 or .

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