New Promotions In Precision Cutting Tools & Abrasives

Cubitron II & Weiler Sparks


If you need help determining exactly what you need you now have a number of choices. You can contact A&M by phone or email to reach a technical expert or you can do it yourself using our cutting tools website. 

Available Promotional Deals

 Weiler Promo A&M 3M Cubitron Free Sample
Weiler Cutting and Grinding Wheels – Weiler has allowed us to price these items below every other comparable item in order to make high precision cutting and grinding affordable for every user.

3M Cubitron II – Click to request samples or order these new Cubitron II Cut-off Wheels right away.

Call Zak McGinniss at or call (732) 713-8879 for more information on these 3M products.

 Click above to view the flier or click here to purchase these Weiler Wheels online.
You can also shop online for a wide variety of Cutting Tools and Accessories by clicking on the image below: 

 Cutting tools website screenshot


For more information on Precision Cutting Tools contact Bob Hoffman at or call him at (732) 522-1853.

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