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Petro Marine Product Collage


Petromarines websiteOur Petromarine  division is the premier source for high quality petrochemical gauging and sampling products, gas detection monitors and SCBA equipment. To make it easier to select and buy these items a new website was developed offering items like Plumb Bobs, Gauging Tapes, Samplers, Gauging Pastes, Thermo-Hydrometers and Gas Meters as well as common safety items used with these like Eye, Ear and Foot Protection, Coveralls and Rainwear. Petromarine is also a great source for SCBA fit Testing, Certifying Gauging Tapes and Bobs and is an Authorized Service Center for SCBAs and Gas Detection Equipment.

Special website introductory offer!

Purchase any item online from our Petromarine website and use code APRNEWS to receive an additional 10% off of the online price on any item on the site, FLIR cameras and meters excluded. Items must be for immediate delivery. Offer expires on April 30, 2018.

Click here to see the, email , or call (800) 574-5552 for more information.

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