MiJet Cleans Machined Parts and Improves Shop Safety

MiJet Machine

Many shops spray air from an air nozzle over parts, creating oily aerosol which gets inhaled and eventually settles all over the floor.

MiJET units, powered by air, are used near CNC machines or inspection stations to clean oily residue and chips from parts, they capture that residue with vacuum into a container for recycling. A specially designed, patent pending valve allows an operator to pull the trigger on an air nozzle which simultaneously actuates both an air jet and suction. The air jet allows localized cleaning of parts, while the suction pulls the atomized fluid particles and chip residue downward into a removable container below. MiJET should be a key part of your company's Environmental Health and Safety strategy!

Watch this video to learn the MiJET story. https://mijet.com/about-mijet

MiJet for evrey job


What debris can be cleaned off of parts with MiJET®?

  • Large fluid drops - oil based lubricants, aqueous lubricants, solvents, etc.
  • Particulates – metal chips, plastic chips, sawdust, etc.

How does MiJET® keep the air cleaner?

  • Atomized particles are drawn down by suction and captured.
  • Aerosol mist is less likely to be inhaled because it is pulled down by suction and accumulates into the container.
  • MiJET Parts Cleaning System air is filtered before exiting.

Why MiJET® is key to Environmental Health and Safety

  • Atomized particles are no longer free to settle on floors, surfaces, or operators’ clothes.
  • Less atomized particles travel in the shop air flow to clog plant air filtering equipment.


Call 800-864-2660 and ask for a Mijet demonstration.

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