Ergonomic Matting Makes Work Easier to “Stand” at Local Manufacturer

Ergonomic Matting

Mike Hamilton, A&M Ergonomics Product Manager worked with a local manufacturing company to help them solve their pressing issue. Employees in production areas standing all day were unhappy with the existing floor mats. Mike explained to them that they were using cheap matting, while real ergonomic mats would be more durable and provide greater benefits. After buying some as a trial, they came back and purchased more Ergonomic Mats.

Below is the correspondence from Mike to the customer to explain why to make the change:

The matting available through discount catalogs is often listed as “anti-fatigue” when in fact it generally has no anti-fatigue properties at all. The matting we saw on the tour on the last visit in is a great example. These are simply foam mats that provide a layer between the employee and the floor. They have very little resistance to weight and usage over time. That is why we see them falling apart and cutting/tearing very easily. They also tend to become very thin where employees stand for long periods of time and eventually offer no resistance at all. As such they need to be replaced very often. True Anti-Fatigue matting will have compression bubbles, either on the top side or underneath on certain types. These bubbles act as springs to push back and force movement. They also are much more durable and of better construction. They simply don’t wear out like the foam matting does. The matting we provide has/does the following:

  • Increases blood circulation and movement while reducing fatigue.
  • Combats Cumulative Trauma Disorders associated with long periods of standing.
  • Elastic Design forces movement even when standing still.
  • Highly Chemical Resistant.
  • Very Easy to Clean.
  • Green Product made from Recycled Materials.

It is not uncommon to question the difference in pricing, but the reality is that it is like comparing apples and oranges. The True Anti-Fatigue matting we recommend will be a product that is generally purchased once. These simply do not need to be replaced because they are torn or worn out. They are very much a higher grade, higher quality solution.

To find out more about anti-fatigue matting and other ergonomic products, contact Mike Hamilton at

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