MicroSol® 690XT Coolant from Master Fluid Solutions Produced Dramatic Results for CNC User


Ace Manufacturing had been running another coolant with far less than desired results. They were experiencing multiple problems: “tap break and a real terrible tool life”, along with problems with foam, shop uncleanliness, rust on machines, and foul odor.

Within weeks of beginning their trial of MicroSol 690XT on three CNC machines, they reported tool life was dramatically improved. The highly lubricious MicroSol 690XT was keeping the machines lightly oiled, rust-free, and definitely cleaner without any residue build-up.

Tapping into fluid savings - and bonuses - with MicroSol 690XT says Ace supervisor Chuck Adams, “and with MicroSol 690XT we have no foam; even with the high-pressure units we are not losing coolant out the side of the tanks... it saves a LOT on coolant. Our operators like the pleasant odor and the shop environment is cleaner. We are changing the entire shop over to MicroSol 690XT.”

Chuck Adams continues, “We were losing a lot of coolant because it was foaming out of the side of the tanks, especially the two Morey’s with the high-pressure units. We were losing 15 to 20 gallons a week just from overflow. Since we have changed to MicroSol 690XT, we have no foam at all!”

“We were having a lot of tap wear and tap breaks trying to tap the titanium,” Chuck testifies. “After putting in the 690XT, the tapping is much better, and lubricity is much higher and we’re having less failure and our taps are lasting a lot longer. We are not shutting down to change tools as often, so we exceeded our production target and got our bonus this past quarter!”

MicroSol 690XT, the problem solver Ace Manufacturing’s CNC operator Phil Smith couldn’t be more impressed with MicroSol 690XT’s performance. Phil reports “Since we have switched to using MicroSol 690XT, it has eliminated all my rust issues, all of my tapping and tooling breakage problems, all the odor issues, and all of the foaming issues! It has been a great coolant!”

Call your A&M representative regarding new lower delivery rates for multi-drum coolant shipments.

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  • I agree, before you even begin operating a cnc machine you need to know what you are cutting. After

    all, this helps you plan things out in advance and make sure that you do everything correctly. It might even be able to help you decide what material

    to use for your project as well.


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