Consider a Vending Machine and Automatic Replenishment for Your Safety/PPE

A&M Industrial has years of experience in VMI, managing customer storeroom stock, and can help you understand why using vending machines and our AiM (Automated Inventory Management) program for your safety supplies may be right for you.

Usage Monitoring and Control:

By using a PPE vending program, companies can control what is available for AM VENDINGemployee use. They can also track the use of equipment provided through the vending machine. This equipment is generally set up to use either an employee number or ID card to get their PPE. The cards can be coded so employees can only access the specific equipment they need. This leads to fewer mistakes and more efficient use of inventory.

Cost Savings:

Since using vending for PPE distribution provides monitoring and visibility regarding what is used and by whom, the staff using PPE are more careful with it. They are less likely to make poor choices and will be more likely to reuse equipment where possible. This represents a significant cost saving in the long run from higher efficiency among workers as well as reduced waste and higher productivity.

Guaranteed Availability

Our AiM vending machines can be programmed so that A&M can monitor usage online and when our AiM technician visits, he has material to fill in exactly what was dispensed. This means that the unit is always stocked at optimal levels, insuring more efficient inventory management.

Time Savings

Because of the automation and AiM replenishment, you don’t have to use your own people to count inventory, create a purchase order, pay for shipping, receive material and shelve the new stock. All of that saves money and frees up resources for more value-added tasks.

The use of a PPE vending program is a no-brainer. It creates more efficient practices, less waste and is cost-efficient. The question is not whether you should implement this program, but why you have not done so already.

Think a PPE vending program could work for you? Contact Mo Tariq at to devlop a program that works for you.

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