A&M Hose Shop Provides Custom Solutions

A&M custom hose with custom stainless steel dog tag


Environmental cleanup is a complex business, often with an extreme sense of urgency. One local company has exacting specifications for their tank truck hoses designed for their harsh conditions. The Hose Shop at A&M is their resource for these custom designed, precision hoses, often providing same-day service on customized hose. The hose, itself is made of nitrile with polyester as a base and reinforced with a steel wire helix embedded into the structure of the hose. The hoses are made to custom lengths with the required and varied fittings (depending on the job specification) in the shop by our NAHAD certified technicians. After the fittings are secured and tested for leakage at twice the working pressure, a serialized, stainless steel tag is affixed to identify the essentials and date of manufacture, that is logged into our Fluid Handling database for future reference. All within 24 hours, and sooner if necessary.

The A&M hose shop stocks hoses and fittings of virtually every type and for virtually every application from air and steam to petroleum and chemical. They connect any of the combination of fittings, expansion joints and valves, as there is almost no unique need and the customers’ requirements are such that the Shop is ready to support any stipulation or requisition.




Contact Andy Dunberg at adunberg@am-ind.com or call (973) 725-3748 the next time you need a quality hose assembly.

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