Toolholding and Workholding

Toolholding and Workholding
Customer Description Customer currently buys cutting tools, workholding, anything related to metal working
Then they may also use: Workholding, cutting tools, anything related to cnc machines and metalworking
How do I ask? Many customers who buy _____ from us also purchase these items from us. Brands like Lyndex Nikken, Techniks, Kurt, 5th axis, and Haimer. We have a selection of toolholding and workholding in stock that we offer.  If you share with me what you are currently using, I'd be happy to provide a quotation on our equivalent so you can compare the price and features.
Who is the person who purchases the toolholding or workholding for your company?
What can I offer the customer? We can offer cost savings through operational efficiency.  These holders can save them on cycle time, tool life, and even in some cases eliminate secondary ops.  We have great pricing and stock availability to meet your needs.  We offer special pricing on bundles and kits.
What resources are available for me? Videos, promos, links on development page
The best person in A&M to answer questions on this is:
Tom Trudell
What can I send the customer if they want more information? We have some links and pages available.  It is best to reach out to a outside sales rep if you generate interest with the customer. 
Email Text Thank you very much for the order. 
I am sending you some information on a toolholder that many of our customers use and find significant cost savings.  It allows them to run jobs faster and more efficiently.  If you have any questions or if you're interested in a demo please let me know.  If this is not a subject you deal with regularly would you please send this information to someone in charge of your manufacturing department


SK Collet