Sorbents for Cutting Tool Users


Sorbents & Spill Kits

Customer Description

Customer currently buys coolant, oils, or chemicals from us

Then they may also use:

Spill kits, chemicals, oils, coolants, lubes and grease and will need sorbents for the various spills or prevention

How do I ask?

Many customers who buy _____ from us also purchase these items from us. Brands like SPC, NEW PIG, OIL DRY, SPEEDY DRY. We have a selection of sorbents and spill kits in stock that we offer.  If you share with me what you are currently using, I'd be happy to provide a quotation on our equivalent so you can compare the price. Who is the person who purchases the machine oils for your company?

What can I offer the customer?

We have great pricing and stock availability to meet your needs.  We offer special pricing on bundles and kits.

What resources are available for me?

A&M flyer showing most common part numbers and descriptions of what they are used for. The best person in A&M to answer questions on this is: Ed Olexa

What can I send the customer if they want more information?

We have a sorbents flyer.

Valuable Links:

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View the full 2-page flier online:

Brady SPC 2 page flier

Brady SPC Sorbent Brochure

Brady 8 page sorbent brochure