Machine Oils



Machine Oils


Customer Description

Buyers of coolant and or oil for cutting tool applications  

Then they may also use:

Machine oils like: General Purpose Lube, Antiwear Hydraulic Oil, Spindle Oil, Way Oil or Extreme Preassure Gear Oil, greases, or coolants  

How do I ask?

Many customers who buy _____ from us also purchase their lubricants from us.  We stock generic replacements for oils from Mobil, Exxon, Shell, Castrol, Texaco and others.  If you share with me what you are currently using, I'd be happy to provide a quotation on our equivalent so you can compare the price. Who is the person who purchases the machine oils for your company?  

What can I offer the customer?

We offer our full line of Blue Chip Oils to save customers 25-50% over the name brand oils. They meet the same ISO specifications and you can just add it to your existing order.  

What resources are available for me?

A&M cross reference sheet crosses oils from the major brands into the Blue Chip model. If they don't want Blue Chip brand, we can also sell…. The best person in A&M to answer questions on this is: Scott Heller Finding BLUE CHIP OIL IN ECLIPSE : PREFIX BLC AND ISO #  

What can I send the customer if they want more information?

We have a Blue Chip Oils flier that is available…..  

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