Chicago Latrobe Cobalt Heavy Duty Drills

Chicago Latrobe Cobalt Heavy Duty Drills
Customer Description Customers who need heavy duty drills fo rholemaking in hard materials and extreme operating conditions
Then they may also use: Any of the other metalworking drills, end mills, etc.
How do I ask? I don't know if you use any drills of this type, but they are very common and we worked with Chicago Latrobe to get this special pricing for a short time. 
If you do use Cobalt drills, now would be a time to make a purchase.
What can I offer the customer? Can I send you our flier with the special pricing that is in place untill July 31?
What resources are available for me? The flier is complete. Beyond that, any of the metalworking sales people can follow-up.
What can I send the customer if they want more information? The flier.
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Email Template Thank you for the recent order. I appreciate your business.
I also wanted to take this opportunity send you this new Chicago Latrobe cobalt jobber and screw machine drill promotion we are running thru July this year. As you may know, CL is a great name, quality and is made right here in America. Please review this offering and I would be happy to help you with any tools listed that may be required for the shop. Thank you.
Here is the link: