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Pi2 Energy Solutions
Pi2 Energy Solutions
Thinking Globally. Acting Locally.

The Pi2 ENERGY Mission

From Times Square to Wall Street, our country runs on electric, natural gas, coal, nuclear, steam, wind, solar, biomass, geo-thermal, resource recovery & other renewable energy sources. That is why Pi2 Energy is committed to providing the highest level of integrated supply chain management program solutions, products, reliability, emergency service, innovation and technological resources available to all our energy clients - the utility and independent power producers - that keep the energy flowing through the national and regional power grid continually day after day.

We can provide everything from storeroom management to outsourcing to asset management support to equipment performance lifecycle management. Our company can provide the requisite training & support for all the products and services which we provide. Our experienced team can coordinate your project, product & logistical requirements to bring you back quicker from forced or planned outages or turnarounds and get your asset back on line expeditiously.

We make it a point to understand our client's corporate culture, value proposition and business objectives so that the custom solutions, products and services from Pi2 Energy have a positive impact on your bottom line. Our fully integrated asset management program solutions increase reliability, efficiency, profitability and potential marketability of our clients generating and T&D assets. Whatever your preferred KPI's expect Pi2 Energy to meet or exceed them.

Complete Project Management Services

Supply Chain Management Solutions

Today's high costs of procurement demand that companies change to a more efficient process that reduces total costs and creates value. Pi2 Energy's supply chain and logistics team will assist in mapping your existing processes, and then analyze the work functions and recommend changes and improvements to those processes. Pi2 Energy has assisted many major energy companies with supply chain management and logistics solutions. The results are strategies that help drive up client profitability.

Project Management

Pi2 Energy makes complex projects more manageable. Our teams work with you from the order entry stage through submittals, confirmations, deliveries and invoicing. Our attention to detail can help your projects run faster, smoother and more profitably.

Cost-Reduction Programs

Pi2 Energy focuses on inventory, transactions, administration and acquisition to reduce overall cost. From bar coding to standardization, Pi2 Energy has a proven track record of implementing effective Total Lifecycle Cost and Total Cost of Ownership reduction programs.

Integrated Supply

Pi2 Energy has the experience and expertise in providing integrated supply solutions that lower the total cost of procurement. Integrated supply agreements may feature Just In Time (JIT) concepts, electronic ordering and receiving, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), bar code utilization, storeroom management and technical assistance.

Wire and Cable Services

Call Pi2 Energy today for all your wire and cable needs. Pricing, availability, same or next-day delivery, custom cutting and paralleling and wire and cable management are just a few of the services Pi2 Energy offers to meet your requirements.

Pi2 Energy is your cable source for coax, data, security and alarm, all kinds of fiber, electronic, power and control, switchboard and hook-up, welding, mining, non-metallic, direct burial, armored, medium voltage, airport lighting and distribution, portable cord and building wire.

Inventory Management

Our expertise in storeroom surveys and inventory management will help you eliminate excess, duplicate and obsolete products, helping you reduce the cost of inventory ownership.

On-Site Services

On-Site Services is a material management service for the capital project market using trailers or storage space provided at the job site. This service provides a choice of material management options, from free bin replenishment to Pi2 Energy personnel-attended or constructor personnel-attended processes. The material management system maintains inventory levels, providing what you need when you need it.

Electronic Business Solutions

Web-Based Order Management

Pi2 Energy's Web-based order management system provides a self-service mechanism for customers to check specific prices and product availability, check order status, view invoices, request quotations, or place orders. All information as well as order placement, is available in real time. You can access Pi2 Energy's inventory and your order transaction records anywhere in the world that you need to perform business transactions - even at your internationally located job sites.

Electronic Catalog

Access the products you needs to do business 24 hours a day. Quickly search Pi2 Energy's broad line of electrical, industrial, PVF, Safety and Power Transmission products by category, manufacturer, key word, text description or manufacturer catalog number. The electronic catalog is continually updated with new products and changes to give you the most up-to-date and in-demand products in the industry. The in-depth descriptions and graphics make it easy to select the products you need every time.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

With EDI service, Pi2 Energy processes your orders electronically, on time and with accurate pricing, shipping and documentation. We also support other EDI documents such as invoices, order acknowledgements, advanced ship notices and many other documents. You can rely on our experts to work with your information systems personnel to make EDI work for you.

Bar Coding

We work with manufacturers, customers and suppliers to develop standardized bar coding. Pi2 Energy can bar code shipments and documents, enabling you to automate your receiving and accounts payable functions. We can bar code label products to comply with specific industry and/or customer standards.

Local, National and International Services

Dependable Local Service

When Pi2 Energy is your supplier; the products services and people you need are as close as our nearest branch. Pi2 Energy branches tailor their inventory to meet your local requirements. With more than 650 company trucks, our branches provide complete, accurate and timely local delivery of your materials as well as job-site returns pick up. Our electronic delivery tracking system helps us respond quickly to your delivery requests and share immediate electronic proof of delivery as needed.

Product Sourcing

Pi2 Energy's experienced sales and customer service representatives are skilled in sourcing electrical, industrial, PVF, Safety and Power Transmission materials and can be a valuable aid in helping you reduce costs by freeing up personnel and capital normally involved in these tasks. We can quickly locate hard to find items and large quantities and ship them to arrive at your facility the next day. We can query our inventories in our more than 250 North American distribution facilities to offer you this valuable service. And, direct access to our top suppliers' databases allows us to search their inventories to provide you with the best product availability.

Emergency Service

At Pi2 Energy, there's no such thing as "after hours" when a customer has an emergency. Someone is available to respond to your unexpected needs.

Product Quality You Can Trust

You will associate our suppliers' names with unsurpassed quality and service. Pi2 Energy only distributes for the manufacturers you have learned to trust. Their products are always backed by the highest standards. You can depend on it.

Worldwide Capabilities

Pi2 Energy's service capabilities extend internationally. We provide a full range of exporting services in strategic locations around the globe including Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, India, Africa and the Middle East.

Technical Assistance

The Pi2 Energy people serving you continually improve their skills to assist you with product selection and application. Pi2 Energy offers customer training to keep your maintenance technicians and installers up-to-date with new products and methods. Hands-on application seminars and open house trade shows enable our branches to bring technical assistance to you.

National Agreements

Pi2 Energy's National Agreements allow multi-location customers to acquire electrical, industrial, PVF, Safety and Power Transmission products. We provide all facilities and job sites with uniform product quality and consistent pricing as well as detailed usage and quality performance reports. We provide customized services to satisfy differing local needs.

Management Reports

Pi2 Energy's computer capabilities enable us to track our performance for accuracy, on-time delivery, fill-rate, returned goods, special contract compliance and more. We can provide standard reports showing your purchases grouped by part number, manufacturer or product categories at your individual locations. National summary reports are also available and Pi2 Energy will develop customized reports as required.

Value Added Services

1. Bar Coding
2. Bin Management
3. Comm./Data Experts
4. Commodity Management
5. Cost Savings Reports
6. Customer Part Number Cross Reference
7. Customer Reporting Capabilities
8. Customer Technical Training
9. Diversity Business Development
10. E-Catalog
11. Electronic Commerce
12. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
13. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/ACH)
14. Pi2 Energy Managed Inventory (PMI)
15. Web Order Management
16. Supplier Hot Key
17. Integrated Supply
18. Quality Process
19. JIT (Just In Time)
20. Logistics Network
21. Material Staging
22. Material Take Off
23. National Database
24. National Pricing
25. On Site Services
26. Outsourcing
27. Performance Measurement Reports
28. Procurement Cards
29. Product Kitting
30. Project Management
31. Project Quotations
32. Project Trailers / Containers
33. Product Standardization
34. Site Surveys
35. Specialized Capabilities
36. Storeroom Management
37. Substitution Analysis
38. Summary Billing
39. Technical/Engineering Assistance
40. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
41. Wire & Cable Management
42. Special Inventory Deployment (On Site Services)